Rhode Island Novelty 2 Inch Neon Whistle Necklaces, One Dozen per Order

  • Contains - 12 two-Inch Neon Whistle Necklaces, assortment of colors.
  • Professional Uses - Plastic whistles are versatile and commonly used for signaling, safety, and sports. They produce a loud, piercing sound when blown, making them ideal for lifeguards, referees, coaches, and emergency situations.
  • Child Play - Plastic whistles are fun for kids to play with. They make cool sounds when you blow into them. You can use them for games, like pretend concerts or as secret signals with friends!
  • Gift ideas - Plastic whistles make fantastic party favors and gifts. They add excitement to celebrations and are great for themed parties. Kids love their colorful designs, and they serve as entertaining keepsakes for guests.
  • Ages 8+ - These whistles are recommended for ages 8 and up.

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