Rhode Island Novelty Deluxe Black Magician Butler Formal Costume Top Hat, One Per Order

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About this item

  • Contains - One black top hat, used for costumes, play, everyday wear, and so much more.
  • Fun - A black magician's hat is a portal to endless wonder. It conceals and reveals, conjuring rabbits, scarves, and dreams with your imagination. It invites the curious to explore the mystique of magic, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.
  • Dress-up - Playing dress-up with a black magician's hat is pure enchantment. It morphs you into a sorcerer, a dashing detective, or a mysterious character. With a touch of whimsy, it ignites imaginative dress-up adventures that captivate all who see.
  • Occasions - The versatile black magician's hat adapts to various occasions. It adds an element of surprise at parties, mystique at Halloween, and a touch of elegance at formal events. With a dash of creativity, it suits any celebration, making each moment magical.
  • Gift idea - A black magician's hat makes a delightful gift, encapsulating the joy of enchantment. It's a whimsical present for all ages, fostering imagination and wonder. Whether for budding magicians or seasoned tricksters, it's a charming token of magic and delight.
  • Ages 3+ - This hat is recommended for ages 3 and up.

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