Rhode Island Novelty W.W.J.D. Webbing Bracelets, Twelve Per Order

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Fabric type
100% Cotton
Country of Origin

About this item

  • Contents - 12 different colored woven cotton bracelets. Made with premium woven fabric and durable plastic buckles, these WWJD bracelets boast a lightweight and breathable.
  • The Bracelet's Meaning - "What Would Jesus Do" bracelets are powerful reminders of faith and compassion. They inspire people to live by Christ's example, practicing love, kindness, and empathy in everyone's daily lives.
  • Adjustable - These bracelets are adjustable, these trendy Christian bracelets are designed with an adjustable buckle to fit any wrist size comfortably.
  • Ages 6+ - Only for ages 6 and up. These bracelets are great for teens and adults as well as older children.

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