Vitamin Energy B12 Energy Shots | Natural Healthy Energy & Focus Drink

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Brand Vitamin Energy
Item Form Liquid
Flavor Acai Pomegranate
Number of Items 12
Package Information Bottle

  • Powerful energy boost: At only 2 oz per bottle, Vitamin Energy shots are a convenient source of vitamins that boost energy and focus for up to 7+ hours; each low-calorie shot contains 260mg of natural caffeine with zero sugar and zero carbs
  • Crafted with your health in mind: Each shot contains a super blend of Vitamin B6, B12, C, and Vitamin D to provide natural energy enhancement, immune system support, improved metabolism and overall health
  • Maximize your performance: Whether you’re looking to fuel your work out or workday, Vitamin Energy vitamin supplements help boost energy, mental clarity, productivity and organ function to set you up for success
  • Fast acting energy: Each tasty Vitamin Energy shot goes down in a quick sip and is instantly absorbed through your body, making it a fast-acting energizer

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